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Scalini Shoes - Fira

Located in Fira, Scalini Shoes sells both men's and women's footwear, offering casual and easily wearable fits for all seasons. At Scalini Shoes, you will also find accessories, purses, and bags of every sort.


Santorini is in all aspects a work of art, and its souvenirs and local produce doubtlessly reflect the island's beautiful facets. Oia and above all Fira are the island's major shopping destinations, places of unrivalled charm where traditional shops line up neatly down narrow streets. On Santorini, a visit to one of the local art galleries is a must: evocative handicrafts, folk art and jewellery can be bought at accessible prices, guaranteeing a souvenir that mirrors the authenticity of the villages. Another worthy shopping experience is all about local produce. The diversity of products makes it hard to choose from the numerous delicacies grown on the island's volcanic soil. Fava, the Greek version of split peas, is particularly unique on Santorini and it is used to make a down-to-earth, yet scrumptious, puree. The island's grapes make a heavenly wine that is exported worldwide and can be bought in any of the local wineries. Last but not least comes Santorini's trademark tomato, the locals' pride and a must-try for food aficionados–wonderfully appetizing and juicy. On Santorini, go for local produce, handicrafts or jewellery–either way, it will be an unmatched experience.