Theoni's Kitchen — Fira


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Theoni's Kitchen — Fira

The best of Greek cuisine blends harmoniously at Theoni's Kitchen, composing a well-established restaurant that thrives on fresh seafood and meat along with locally-grown vegetables. Add also outstanding cooking skills and friendly service to the winning formula and the mix is complete.


Without mentioning dazzling panoramas, the mesmerising sea or vibrant villages, Santorini's culinary tradition would be something worth experiencing on its own. Borrowing a pronounced Mediterranean diet from the mainland, Santorini shares a tendency to use vegetables, high-quality olive oil, meat and fresh seafood generously, creating its own cuisine by adding products that are cultivated solely on its fertile soil. Try the island's peculiar white eggplant with mozzarella, or sample the unique "Tomatokeftedes", tomato fritters made of Santorini's own produce, and accompany it beautifully with a glass of Vinsanto. The experience will be matched by an unrivalled view from one of the picturesque taverns the island is studded with.