Lolita's Gelato – Oia


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Lolita's Gelato – Oia

An ice cream parlour located just off Oia's main drag, Lolita makes the most-loved Italian gelato from carefully sourced seasonal ingredients. The offering changes daily, and might feature unusual flavours such as the Cuban-inspired and rum-tainted "Cuban Lover" or the delicate "Rosewater Pink Pepper".


A laid-back attitude accompanies the whole Greek lifestyle, and it is little wonder that it is emphasised even more in Santorini and the Greek Islands. Coffee breaks are a serious matter and a remarkable part of the day, making "kafeterias" appealing hangouts in suggestive towns. The most popular version of the traditional coffee is an espresso-like brew that tends to share similarities with Turkish coffee, infused with a sharp flavour, escorting the hearty Greeks throughout the day. Santorini's scorching sun has led locals and tourists to opt for a more chilled, yet equally efficient option, creating a break ideal for an iced coffee, a frappe, or an ice cream.