Giving Back

This is you, putting the "FUN" back in FUNDRAISING!


What is Giving Back?

Yep! That's really me in that photo wearing a tool belt, helping frame a house. Giving back to my local community is in my blood.

I've adopted pets from Lynchburg Humane Society, am an avid Habitat for Humanity volunteer, watched girls go from being at-risk to college-bound thanks to Miller Home for Girls and seen countless people fed and sheltered by Hunters for the Hungry and Gleaning for the World. I know how much charities depend on contributions at the local level, so I decided that giving back would be part of Sunshine Journeys' business model.

Every Sunshine Journeys client will be asked which of the five local non-profit organizations listed above means the most to them. After that client travels, I will donate 10% of my income from their trip to the organization they requested. What a great way to put the FUN into FUNdraising!

Sunshine Journeys proudly supports:

Gleaning for the World

Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity

Hunters for the Hungry

Lynchburg Humane Society

Miller Home for Girls